Full Swing:

  • It’s like throwing a Frisbee with your left arm.
  • Or throw a bucket of water or sand towards your target.
  • Extend the left arm to make an L shape-or 90 degree angle during the backswing and follow-through.
  • Take club back low and slow, or make it feel like the club is light in your hands as long as possible.  It should feel heaviest at the top.
  • On downswing, right elbow should lead right arm.
  • On downswing, pull with rather than push the club along.
  • Pull the butt end of the club towards the target .
  • Visualize your landing area or ball flight.
  • Try to touch your left forearm with your right at impact.
  • Point your chin at a spot just behind the ball throughout the swing.
  • Hold the L shape in your swing, from the top of the back swing down to where the club head is at  5 o’clock .  Then hitt the ball, release the club or accelerate to  regain the L position at 9 o’clock.


  • With the “scoring zone” being 50 yards and in, this area is essentially the most important part of the game and it is worth spending a good portion of your practice time here.
  • Green reading is an integral part of any good pre-shot routine on the putting green and we can always get better at it.  If you have had a putting lesson with me, I talk about how to develop a strong routine for better green reading and visualizing putts falling in a “hole” large or small. We can hugely increase our chances of holing a putt before the ball is struck and this is why this it is considered to be a part of the ?mental game?.  It is a proven fact that if you visualize what you want to happen the program in your brain can be written to execute what you desire to happen.
  • Visualizing where water would run if you poured a bucket of water on the green and feeling the ground beneath your feet to better judge the slopes.
  • Remembering to rely on your inner child to let go of the fear to make the putt versus aiming at the clowns feet!
  • Try to practice always over-reading the break.
  • My best pearls for practicing putting, is practice only long ones, outside 20 feet and short ones inside three feet.

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