Mission Statement

“My Personal Mission Statement is to live a well balanced life with an equal mixture of health, fitness, career and social activities. I will be a teacher who displays the mastery of subject matter. Build and maintain strong relationships with students and care about the entire person and life of the student. I will decide, discover and deliver the best golf instruction possible and to grow the game of golf through instruction by motivating, teaching and inspiring.
~ Coach Quinn, Founder.”

Coaching Philosophy

The spirit of golf, the passion for striking the ball, & hearing friends say “Nice shot” are all apart of a duffer’s life. The inner struggle with improvement is a life long feat, yet it can be discovered that living and accepting the body you have is the secret to enjoying golf.

Discover Your Swing!® is my trademarked brand that coins my niche for teaching. This niche is a philosophy to assist every golfer to find and embrace their unique swing. Life is full of variables, one person’s level of strength and flexibility is not like another’s; ergo each swing is a personal thumbprint. Once this is understood, a golfer can learn to accept the body they have presently, and/or be motivated to transform towards achieving possible goals.



Christie will customize your lesson to exactly what you need. i saw a positive change right away and also got the tools I needed to transfer my learning onto the golf course! Christie is an excellent golf coach.

~ Karen G

Christie is fabulous with Jr Golfers!! My daughter developed her beautiful swing and love for golf with Christie. Christie has set her up for success in the sport with both solid skills and confidence. Highly recommend Christie to anyone looking for golf instruction!

~ Laura Y

Christie is extremely knowledgable about her sport and is able to break it down for your specific type of learning style. I was able to see improvement in a very small amount of time with my driver and all irons! Feel like I have a pro to go to on my side now. Good golf to come!

~ Kelly H