The Importance of Post Lesson Integration

You have already begun the path by making the decision to change, preparing and receiving information valuable to your goals.  Remember, you have the perfect swing and are getting in the way of it happening, but armed with  key components of change from your lesson integrating will help you get out of your own way.  Thus Discovering your Swing!

First step is creating more self awareness.  While practicing, spend time being  the “observer” of your shots instead of the “doer”, by spending more time per shot vs. raking and hitting your time away.  If you find it difficult to be the observer or see what is happening, then  practice with a partner by video taping your swing.  You may also try viewing your swing in a mirror, or analyzing your divots.  Close your eyes at the finish of a swing and feel the  balance of weight shift  by “holding your pose”.

Next, make it okay to miss the ball.  Beating yourself up only diverts the attention of your intention to integrate your changes.  Acceptance on the golf course can create more commitment per shot.   Allow yourself to know that hitting the sweet-spot of the club happens only about two times a round for the average player.   Acceptance is a pivotal point in a duffer?s life.

Third, practice with a purpose.    No golf shot is ever the same, therefore your practice should be full of variety.   Play any course in your mind on the range.  Hit the first shot by imaging yardages of a hole, then pick areas for hazards and doglegs for direction.  This in turn optimizes your practice  by creating the whole body practice experience thus making your practice like your play.

Finally, trust the game-plan.  Your instructor is avidly developing and committed to learning more ways to customize your instruction.  Trust, change can happen in “AHH HAA” moments or it may happen much later in your golf life.  BUT IT WILL HAPPEN.  The time scale depends on you and your commitment to integrating the changes.

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