Learn Swing Center for a Full Swing

What is the center?

The body has many moving parts, so it is crucial to maintain a centeredness of your turn.  This is called a pivot or the main engine of power of our golf swing.  Body turn or pivoting around a center in the body is maintaining a powerful position.  If this center moves while we are swinging then compensations must happen to reach contact.  Think of the swing center as being your ?heart? if you are a righty and your right armpit if you are a lefty.  So, at a bent over position imagine your head is speared through your spine and out through your back to the ground.  This spear is much like a rotisserie for your arms, hands and club to turn around.  From the front view the red dot represents the centeredness of a pivot for an efficient golf swing.

Swing the club on a Arc

What is the Swing Arc?

Your hands travel on a circular path around your center of pivot.  Hinging your wrists creates leverage in the swing.  The arc is the space the club head is traveling on.  If you were to imagine attaching a laser on the end of the club, much like the picture below.


Ensure the structure of your arms, hands and club are creating leverage by extending them away from your centeredness of pivot.  Swing the club on a smaller arc for building a sound structured arc.  Always in golf start small and slowly.  Start by swinging your arms, hands and club around your pivot up to the nine o?clock position.  Then swing the arc of the club to the three o?clock position.  In your mind?s eye the laser will be drawing an imaginary smiley face!

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